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Metal Detecting Equipment and Accessories-Bayville, NJ
Find treasures long since lost when you come to Lacey Metal Detectors. Stop by our store to stock up on treasure hunting supplies, such as detectors and metal detecting accessories. We also rent metal detectors for your convenience.
3 Carat Wedding Ring Recovered-Bayville, NJ
There are many reasons to use a metal detector from Lacey. Whether you need to find a lost item, or locate underground water or gas lines, the uses are unlimited. Take a look at our recovery page to see things recovered by Lacey Metal Detectors.
Owners - Bob & Sandy of Lacey Metal Detectors
Owners: Bob and Sandy
We will assemble your purchase and show you how to use your metal detector. Please stop by our store for "in store discounts" on top brand detectors.

"We love to talk Treasure"

Who are Lacey Metal Detectors?

Lacey Metal Detectors is your Authorized Dealer for all White's, Minelab, Garrett, and Fisher Metal Detectors. We have been serving the community with quality metal detectors since 2001. Whenever we get a chance we are out metal detecting, we have a very extensive knowledege of all White's, Minelab, Garrett, and Fisher Metal Detectors because we use them.