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Use a Detector to Find Your Lost Item or Jewelry

Rings, bracelets, earrings, vintage coins, pendants and more! Metal detectors can be used to find a wide array of buried treasures. Recover hidden treasures and with the price of gold, silver, and platinum at an all time high, treasure hunting with a White's Metal Detector found at Lacey Metal Detectors is bound to reap rewards!

Find Underground Gas Lines With Our Specialty Detectors

Lacey Metal Detectors carries a large selection of Specialty Detectors to locate underground gas lines. Our specially designed detectors can locate large deep objects not only for finding treasures, but also for locating underground gas lines, water and sewer pipes, septic tanks, property stake pins, valves, underground equipment and more.

Hire Bob & Sandy to Find a Lost Item or Jewelry

We can help you find what you have lost. Give Lacey Metal Detectors a call and increase your chances of finding what you have lost. Lose a ring or jewelry at a park or beach? Give us a call immediately because time is of the essence. The longer you wait your chances decrease. Our fees are nothing compared to the memories and sentimental value your lost treasure carries!

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